WAYNE ALLYN ROOT Explains How To Save the Endangered U.S. Middle Class ... and Small Business

In Chapter 10 of my new book, The Murder of the Middle Class (Regnery, July 2014) entitled, "The Ultimate Middle Class Weapon of Self-Defense", I explain why hard-owned money (gold and silver coins) must be the foundation of any successful attempt to save America's middle class and small business today.

coinedfreedom My new Coined Freedom Special Report, produced for Swiss America, explains my strategy of using physical gold and silver as financial self-defense. My goal is underlining why precious metals are "wealth insurance" against all forms of economic disaster. And why prices are about to rocket!

The Timeless Truth About Money features a half-hour journey into the forgotten realms of economic freedom and liberty that U.S. history should have taught us - and why owning gold today is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity.

This Special Report and DVD are a preview of The Murder of the Middle Class.
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